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University of Pretoria

LiuPark’s debut project, the Career App.Tizer, was undertaken and, after much effort, completed in our final year of university (2015).

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What was the project about?

This app takes conventional career aptitude tests and pushes them to the next level by involving; university course recommendations into test results; links to hundreds of possible courses and careers; and a personalised profile that takes student marks into account.

Who are our targeted clients?

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Our client was the Education Innovation Department at the University of Pretoria but this app is targeted primarily at high school students in and around South Africa from Grade 9 up until first year university students.

Our success

Winning Group Photo

group photo of us holding our awards

We completed this project as part of our BCom (Informatics) final year project and ended up winning the following 3 out of 5 possible awards (excluding the second and third place awards):

  1. The Overall First Place (i.e. Best Project) Award
  2. The Most Innovative Award
  3. The Best Documentation Award

The beauty of this project

With this app, we made sure that the student is the center of the picture by mapping clear, recommended University of Pretoria degree/courses around them the as well as showing them which career options follow those degrees. Think of it as a compass which guides a confused student into a comfortable future.

If you would like to visit the website version of the project then please follow the link:

Career App.Tizer Website

Our Client's Response

Our Client was always happy with our progress. “I got more than what I expected” – Dr. JC Lemmens (Head of UP’s Department of Education Innovation)

Client Group Photo

our client, Dr. JC Lemmens, for Career App.Tizer

Please note that LiuPark is no longer in operation since Nov 2016