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University of Pretoria

LiuPark’s debut project, the TimeTable Assistant, was undertaken and, after much effort, completed in our first year of university (2013).

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What was the project about?

With the first version having over 20 000 downloads, the timetable assistant helps students put together their university timetables with timetable generation, clash detection and prevention, and the integration of personal events.

Who are our targeted clients?

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Our targeted clients are the University of Pretoria and their students in the Hatfield, Groenkloof, and Mamelodi campuses as well as the Department of Theology and the Department of Engineering.

See our success

With the program we earned ourselves the honour of being in the “Innovate” magazine (issue 10, page 69) which was recently published as well as making it onto the University of Pretoria homepage under the post: “UP Breeds Young Innovators”. We also won the Department of Informatics’ first year database award.

Read the article, "UP Breeds Young Innovators”, at the University of Pretoria Website:

UP News Post

The current version of the program is published under the Facebook page as a freeware:

Chylls Facebook Page

We are proud

We are proud to say that this program has changed and improved the way students manage their time. Whether you are a BCom (Financial Science) student or a BSc (Computer Science) student, our program made many students’ lives easier.

People love us on our facebook page

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Keeping our clients updated with our progress


Please note that LiuPark is no longer in operation since Nov 2016